Shio Koji – Day 4: Loosey Goosey

Change is the only constant.

Seeing this in a very small way with this shio koji mixture.

It is much looser, mushier with the rice kernels starting to become less blunt and more round, as enzymes work to break the starch down further.

The banana scent is there, but the big change is the taste: less of the harsh saltiness and a more interesting depth is evident (Hello Umami). There is even a hint of sweetness surfacing.

I am starting to understand how this paste could be a great salt replacement.


3 Replies to “Shio Koji – Day 4: Loosey Goosey”

  1. Thank you for sharing all of this information. I was wondering what happens if it is very warm? I started making ship koji last week and it has been so hot recently. Can I still use the shio-koji when it’s ready?

    1. Hi Pekochan216. I was told when you are done allowing the shio koji to ferment (days dependent on weather, but since it’s summer probably 7 days or less), you should put it in the fridge to store. This stops the ferment and keeps the shio koji relatively fresh. I hope that helps!

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