Shio Koji – Day 6: Use It Before You Lose It

shio koji on day 6 – it’s ready!


The shio koji is ready. It’s a lovely, pleasantly salty white paste. A hand blender will break down the remaining rice bits if you want a smoother consistency. With the warm weather, the ferment time was pretty quick and it was fun to watch the shio koji transform over the week.

Now I am curious to use the shio koji in some foodstuffs. Marinating with it seems to be a natural start.

ribs slathered in shio koji

I decided to use about two tablespoons to marinate two racks of pork ribs.

I allowed the ribs sit in the shio koji overnight and bbq’ed today.

The ribs were delicious! The shio koji left the ribs flavourful and succulent. I have to say this attempt was a success. The picky family approved also.

looks good!

My friend, Yvonne, who owns Sakanaya Seafoods, suggested we try marinating the shio koji in tofu and also pickle some vegetables.

Will post the results of our continued experiments.


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